July 5, 2017

With the Living Color festival set to come to life in the gorgeous seaside town of Ayia Napa, chances are, you’ll be arriving at the event straight from a day spent at one of the areas’ famous idyllic white sand beaches or following a day soaking up the sun’s rays by the pool. And what’s really unique about Living Color, is that it’s all about creativity, with a focus on a bright and vibrant experience so you don’t need to worry about going back to your home, hotel or apartment to get changed.

Just make sure you’ve got a few important things with you and then mix and match, and let your own personal style shine bright. And don’t forget, that looking cool and stylish is great, but you also want to be practical and comfortable as you party the night away.

  1. A light cross body bag, backpack or bum bag for all your essentials

Living Color is set to keep you on your toes from the very moment you step past the festival gates until you call it a night. And the last thing that you want to be doing is lugging a heavy bag on your shoulder as it certainly won’t be much fun when you’re dancing the night away to all your favourite beats with a drink in hand.
Our advice? Bring a handy little cross body bag or backpack with you where you can keep all your essentials, or better yet, a bum bag. Yes, they may not be the coolest things going, but you’ll know that your things are safe and secure. And you don’t have to tie it round your waist – festival goers around the world have been spotted clipping it diagonally across their body!

  1. Cool shades

You can’t possibly go to a festival without a pair of fabulous shades, right? No matter what you do, be sure to bring your favourite sunglasses with you. Whether they’re your favourite aviators or your funky mirror shades, not only will you look cool, but you don’t want to spend a few hours squinting until the sun sets! Once the sun goes down, daring types may wish to don a pair of LED sunglasses.

  1. A funky hat

If you want to really enjoy the festival spirit, wear a funky hat and make a statement out of it, whether it’s your cool Living Color festival cap, a maverick straw hat or your favourite trilby, nothing screams out ‘festival cool’ like your favourite headgear.

  1. Comfy closed dancing shoes

As tempting as it is to stay in your flipflops or sandals all night, it’s a good idea to wear a pair of sturdy shoes like a pair of sneakers (now’s your chance to wear your brightest funkiest converse!) or your favourite trainers. Remember that there will be crowds of people dancing next to you so you want to be sure that your toes won’t get trodden on!


  1. Glow in the dark accessories

The ultimate festival accessory, prepare to greet your beloved DJs in the brightest way possible once the sun goes down over the east coast! Wear a glow necklace around your neck to brighten your festival outfit, and it can even double as a headband. Glow paint is also a great way to make statement and enhance your look festival look as you really stand out from the crowd. That’s not to forget your glow sticks to wave high in the area as infectious beats send shivers down your spine.

Tickets are on sale on the festival website where you can purchase a GA one-day pass, a GA two-day pass, a VIP one-day pass and a VIP two-day pass. For more information on the Festival, ticket pricing and scales visit or email