July 5, 2017

And if you’d like it to be forever etched in your memory, you may like to be part of the luxurious VIP experience, geared towards all those of you who’d like to enjoy the night in the most glamorous way possible. Want to know more about the Living Color VIP section and everything you can enjoy once you enter? Here’s the lowdown!

  1. You can choose between a VIP Table Deck or Platinum VIP Cabana Deck

Although you’ll have access across the festival grounds if you so wish, the ultimate VIP section gives you the chance to take your pick between the ultraexclusive VIP Table Deck or Platinum Cabana Deck, as you enjoy all the untapped energy and the sensational atmosphere of this open-air festival in true style.

  1. Outstanding views as you gaze out across the festival

Once you’re up on the decks (360 square metres of striking architectural design), you’ll get to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the crowd and great views of the stage as the performer’s work their magic. A gorgeous zone with a more intimate feel, you can party the night away to your heart’s content.

  1. They’ll be dedicated table service just for you

No need to think about having to walk anywhere to sip on your favourite drink! Prepare for a really glamorous experience, with a waiter on hand to cater to your every whim with outstanding able service.

  1. No waiting around and a VIP parking

Forget long ques, you’ll get to enjoy express VIP entry lanes into the festival grounds and you won’t be searching for somewhere to park your car either, with dedicated VIP parking to make the whole experience as easy and pleasant as can be.

  1. You’ll enjoy special access & great shows

Your VIP pass will give you access to the exclusive VIP lounge area, the private VIP bar and access to VIP restrooms. That’s not to forget the VIP shows to get your heart racing!


For additional questions and reservations, contact reservations@livingcolorfestival.com or +357 95 566444. For more information visit: http://livingcolorfestival.com. Two-day table packages available upon request.