10 Reasons Why Living Color is One of the Coolest Events of the Year

July 6, 2022

  1. The world’s best EDM DJs

“I just love EDM music, it gets you up and dancing from the very moment you hear those infectious beats and I can’t wait to see so many of the world’s top DJs in one space. I’m especially excited to be playing alongside Nicky Romero and other top world DJs.”

DJ Andy Von Emmanouel 


  1. Mouth-watering street food

“I was very excited to hear that the Fork Food Market will be setting up stalls at Living Color. When it comes to quality street food, they really know how to do a great job. It’s an ideal combination: great food and the energy of an inspiring festival.”

Paola Papacosta, Food Blogger, Cypriot & Proud


  1. Hip festival fashion

“Getting dressed up for any summer event is exciting, but there’s something even more special about going to a festival because you can wear your most casual clothes while making them look super funky and experiment with new looks. Living Color is all about being bold and bright so I’ll be rummaging through my wardrobe to find something that I’ll be able to dance and have a good time in, while being as eye catching as possible!”

Nick Christopher, Digital Influencer / Fashion Consultant


  1. Art work to lift the sprits

“Great music is one thing, but when it combines with inspiring art work, it really enhances the sensory experience. I’ve been to big festivals abroad with live art and I’m really happy that Cyprus is now embracing the trend. I’m really excited to see what graffiti artists – EDMON 1419, ERASE and RATE – have up their sleeves and it’s going to be great to see artists engage in a live dynamic play with the crowds. And I’ve heard that there will be a live wall where you can get creative with your fingerprints.”

Maria Aristidou, Artist


  1. It’s right by the gorgeous sea

“The east coast of the island boasts some of the country’s most picture-perfect white sand beaches with translucent waters just begging to be explored. Living Color gives us the chance to enjoy a day by the deep blue before heading down to the event as the sun goes down over the area. Pure bliss!”

Zoe Christodoulides, Editor of Mycyprusinsider.com travel website


  1. The festival gives back to the community

“Part of the Living Color Festival sales will be donated to the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients & Friends. As one of the biggest events in Cyprus, I think it will contribute to developing a culture that will see more big events take on a charitable character in Cyprus.”

Andri Prodromou, Municipal Councilor for Strovolos Municipality, President of PASYKAF Youth Board  


  1. A VIP experience to remember

“I’m the kind of person that loves going to big events and festivals, but I much prefer a less packed area where I can sit back with friends, away from the big crowds. You can imagine my excitement the moment I heard that Living Color is giving us chance to enjoy the festival from above on special VIP decking complete with cabanas and a dedicated table service. I’m already there in my mind…”

Evelyn Kazantzoglou, Radio Producer/ Mad TV Cyprus presenter

  1. Fun, fun, fun!

“Who says that adults can’t be a bit silly? Living Color isn’t just about music, but also about having a brilliant time and I just love the fact that they’ll be bumper cars to enjoy and human size bowling. How cool is that!”

Andreas Falas, Model


  1. A dance party like no other

“EDM music fills you with the desire to move to the beat and just constantly keeps you on your toes. And with so many brilliant DJs coming together for one event, I don’t think that me or my friends will be sitting down for a single second!”

Christos Artemiou, Mad TV Presenter, Cyprus   


  1. Last but not least…it’s the biggest EDM festival Cyprus has even seen!

“I’ve partied the night away to the beats of some great EDM DJs in Cyprus before, but I’ve never had the experience of being able to enjoy so many of the world’s best EDM DJs in one event! And to be honest, I just can’t wait; I’ve been excited about this event for weeks.”

Kypros A. Karaviotis, Radio Producer/Professional DJ